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We are proud to be Pile of Puppies volunteers and have been helping to raise money for them this year. We are on our second generation of volunteering with puppies who bring joy to chronically and terminally ill children and their families by surrounding them with a Pile of Puppies. A highlight of raising puppies here has been our volunteer visits with this amazing nonprofit organization. The adult dog featured is Ember, my current hospice dog, ultimate party girl, and JJ's great niece. She and her littermates participated in POP visits in 2018. Her last puppies are currently participating in their own POP visits.


The phrase "Barke Diem" was coined when JJ was diagnosed with cancer. JJ was known across the world as a therapy, hospice, crisis response, and virtual therapy dog. Her antics allowed for the introduction of some difficult topics and the generations after her continue her legacy. Barke Diem is the dog's take on "Seize the day", something we could all benefit from following. Thank you to all as we continue to venture forth in this Barke Diem journey together, remembering the spirit JJ brought to all. Live graciously, love fully and enjoy the days at hand.

Barke Diem Holograph stickers

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